This project is devoted to the Zmijanje area heritage, specially Zmijanje Embroidery that is listed as
Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2014.

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IMAGINARIUM Studio Collections

We find our inspiration in the world around us, but even further, in the world inside us. From humanic philosophy, world heritage, to the nature, art, technology,… and all the common good there is in this majestic world.

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Those just came in and are finding their way to You!

Winter Warmth

We are presenting You a warm layer collection for cold winter days, the one that heals thanks to the blend of specific fibers of Pramenka’s domestic wool.

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…to breathe, to live, to sing, to dazzle…   It’s like Saturday afternoons, relaxed, easy, inspiring. You can feel the breeze, the sun touching your…

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