About Imaginarium

Imaginarium is the design and art studio in the most general way. From fashion to bricks, music to furniture, toys to digital art, the spectrum of products and experiments in the field of human creation.



Imaginarium supports, above all, adventurers, artists, musicians and free spirits of any kind, who want to be themselves and not parts of the masses. For those who see further, who search for the deep within, who are not effected by what is told and what should be, who look and find their own way.

Looking up to natural, sustainable, cultural, contemporary and historic, through the techniques and materials chosen specially to create diapason of products designed in a human manner. And no matter if you live in Japan, Europe or elsewhere in the whole wide world, our mission is to reach you.

The idea is to create the Haven for all those wanderers, living in their own worlds, where they can lose and find themselves over and over again. And most of all, to bring love and joy each and single one of them.


The people who do work with us are gifted in many ways — our associates, photographers, models— truly love their doing, and help Imaginarium in that manner a lot. At our place, there are lego bricks, history books and musical instruments. There is forest, stream, and clean air. There are bicycles. There are children, animals and plants. There are architectural plans, knitting needles and woodcarving tools. There are lamps and shawls and pillows. There are parties, concerts and plays.

But above all, there are people, our dear and devoted customers, and the most creative and inspiring people working together, making this world a better place.



Our products are, first of all, created in a very thoughtful way, aiming to improve what surrounds us. They consist of clothing, accessories, furniture, home decor, toys, prints and many more, all those fine little things that make our lives beautiful.

Through many years of active creation, we have chosen our beloved materials, and those are, of course, natural ones. Wool, cotton, wood are our favourites, but this does not mean we will not use others, if they are beautifully and cleverly designed.

“I wanted to do everything I wanted to do.”

Person who made Imaginarium possible is young artisan, designer and architect Alexis Qū.

Since her early age, Alexis could not stop making things. It was not matter whether it was something needed or just beautiful, but she continued this through the life as a certain kind of runaway, an Imaginarium where she could make all of her ideas come to real.

Alexis traveled a lot, met many different people, learned different cultures, and this made a major influence on her way of seeing things.

Now, she implemented those ideas into the Imaginarium Studio, willing to share them with the wonderful people of the world.

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You would love to work with us? Just send us a messange explaining your motivation and we shall find the place for you.