…to breathe, to live, to sing, to dazzle…

It’s like Saturday afternoons, relaxed, easy, inspiring. You can feel the breeze, the sun touching your cheeks, the leaves, the birds, the bugs. The hair over your face fondles you, your clothes feel like the air around you, so natural and calming.
The wood you sit on becomes part of you. Now, you feel you know which hill it came from, what song of the birds it listened to. It is so tender to your hand. Its carving is an ancient voice you suddenly understand, calling you: “Come back! Come back!” And the woolen rug on the floor keeps your blood running warm, feeding your heart
Love embraces you, and you feel it for every single creation around you, even further. You love the world, you love where you are, you love the ground beneath your feet, the sky above your head, trees on your right, the river on your left, old grandpa’s house, stories from the past. You simply love.

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